The Guarantees We Offer

When you place an order with our academic writing company, our experts always provide the best quality of all services. We have developed a convenient set of high-quality services and policies. This way, any students asking our professionals for professional help can enjoy it. We provide the same set of guarantees to every customer. These include high quality, originality, revisions for free, privacy, and a money-back guarantee, if you dislike the result. Please review the information below to learn more about our risk-protection policies. Also, pay attention to our Terms and Conditions before you make your order.

Originality Guarantees

Whenever you buy a paper from our service, our qualified experts always provide only original and creative content. Our company checks each product composed by our specialists for originality. Our editors ensure that your project is free of plagiarism or any mistakes. We guarantee that all works provided by our writers are original and authentic. Our service uses the latest and most advanced plagiarism detection systems. You can be certain that everything you order from our reliable academic writing agency is original and fresh. This way, we can ensure the most remarkable results and academic success of our customers. Please review our Plagiarism Policy to learn more about our originality guarantees.

Privacy Guarantees

Our company provides information on how we collect, process, store and discard personal information provided by our clients. Every customer should submit relevant contact details and personal information when placing an order with our academic writing agency. Please note that we use the information provided by our customers to improve the quality of our services. More so, our company and our specialists never disclose personal details of our clients to other third parties. We guarantee that no one will ever know you have ordered any piece of academic or custom writing from our experts. Our trustworthy and professional agency never betrays our commitment to confidentiality and privacy.

Price Guarantees

Our company has gone a long way to develop an adequate pricing policy for our customers. As a result, we have some of the most attractive prices in the academic and custom writing industry. Our prices are the source of our competitive advantage. Our service and all our experts pursue the noble goal of serving our customers in a long-term perspective. We do all possible to establish and maintain effective long-term relationships with each of our clients.

You should understand that our company is incapable of providing our professional services for free. Writing each paper involves significant time, cost, and effort spent by our specialists. We spend time and money to keep up to the highest standard of quality. Many of our customers claim that our prices are transparent and that our products are of superior quality.

Money Back Guarantee

Our reliable company always returns your money and refunds the cost of your paper within 14 days after the deadline. If our professionals fail to meet your expectations or requirements, our company compensates the full cost of writing. You can request your money back if you find the paper inacceptable. Our responsible professionals work beyond their ability to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our mission is to provide high-quality works while keeping your private information safe. We have been working in this industry of custom and academic writing for many years already. We have solid information and financial procedures that promote customer satisfaction. Our Money Back guarantee is one of the many original features that distinguish our company from our competitors. The key priority of our service is that each client is 100% satisfied with their works of superb quality. Should you ask for a refund, our representatives of our financial department handle this request within 4-6 working days. In case you have any questions, you should refer to our website for more information.

Revision Guarantees

Every expert working at our company is proud of being a member of our qualified team. We hire the most dedicated, experienced and industrious specialists in different fields of science. They do their best to provide our customers with exceptional and exclusive papers of premium-class quality only. Everyone in our team is customer-oriented. Our experts are always exceptional in their desire to help our clients in solving their academic issues. Thus, you have up to 48 hours to request a revision of your ready work free of charge. Even if you need slight improvements or corrections, our company is always here to do it for you. Please check our Revisions Policy. You may find essential information about the revision process and guarantees in the following section.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our scrupulous experts know how to make each client satisfied with high-quality works provided. Since we follow the latest quality standards, we have been maintaining the quality and continuity of our services. Also, you can always review some sample papers available on our website. You may see examples of exceptional writing, which you should expect from the paper, if it is done by our professionals. We provide fresh, unique, and from-scratch contents that guarantee your satisfaction and great academic results.