Additional Services – Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is an additional service exclusively provided by our company, wherein a customer can track the writing process of the order. In other words, it helps customer manage complicated 20+ double-spaced or 10+ single-spaced orders more easily.

Benefits of the Service

  1. Customers get the chance to approve each draft sent to them throughout the writing process. As such, they are free to send any additional comments or corrections regarding the paper directly to the writer long before the submission date.
  2. Customers are assigned a personal manager who assists them in this monitoring process and helps him/ her to establish a rapport with the assigned writer and ensure effective communication.
  3. Only top-notch writers will be assigned to work on such papers. Besides, best editors will be also assigned for paper editing and proofreading.
  4. Customers will be given 30 days of free revision.

How Drafts Are Sent to Clients*:

  1. If the urgency indicated by the client is four days or less, only one draft is sent by the writer after half of the total deadline has expired. As a rule, such draft contains 25% of the required paper volume. For instance, for a paper of 20 pages, the draft will be five pages long.
  2. If the urgency is 5-11 days, then two drafts will be sent throughout the writing process – the first one will contain 25% of the total information required and will be sent after 25% of the deadline expiration. The second one will contain 50% of the total paper content and will be sent after 50% of the total paper deadline has passed.
  3. If the urgency is 12 days and more, three drafts will be sent: the first one will contain 25% of the paper content and will be sent after the first 25% of the deadline limit has passed; the second draft will contain 50% of the content and will be sent when 50% of the deadline is over, and the third one will contain 75% of the total paper content and will be sent when 75% of the deadline has expired.

Progressive delivery service is additional, so it should be paid extra – you pay additional 15% to the total sum of the paper.

*If the client would like to modify the procedure of receiving drafts, it is important to contact the personal manager and discuss these issues. If the suggestion is approved, this process of monitoring orders might be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes.

Extra Services for Short Essays (up to 20 Pages in Length)

  1. Paper Summary
  2. According to the company policy, clients are provided with 300-word summaries (=1 page) if they need a concise layout of the main points covered in the paper.

  3. Paper Draft
  4. One-page draft option is available to customers if they want to keep track of the writing process. The draft is sent when 50% of the deadline time has expired. For example, if the urgency indicated for the order is six days, the draft will be sent on the third day.

  5. Extended Revision
  6. Free revision request within 48 hours after the deadline is a free option provided by our company. However, sometimes customers cannot get a feedback from the professor within two days only, so we have provided a service of extended revisions, where a customer can send a free revision request to the writer within 14 days after the deadline expiration.